NEC develops a "privacy monitor" that doesn't sacrifice quality

Have you ever walked in somewhere and seen one of those really ugly screens that's put over a monitor to make sure no one else can see what's on there? I don't think I could ever use one for a long period of time, I've used them briefly when troubleshooting PCs, and they're not so easy on the eyes. Wouldn't it be cool if you didn't need one at all?

NEC has created a new LCD technology that will forever eliminate monitor privacy screens. You can now purchase LCD monitors that feature a limited field of view without sacrificing image quality. This is a first in the industry.

What is cool is that these monitors can switch back and forth between wide and narrow viewing angles, so they aren't always in privacy mode. Unfortunately for now the switch can only be made at the factory, however, they plan to produce models that can be changed much more easily.

Duck and weave ATM days over thanks to NEC [via digitalworldtokyo]