NEC AccuSync Monitors – Now with HDMI

Chris Scott Barr - Sep 12, 2007

Man, I remember not a couple of years ago when I thought I was the coolest guy on the block because my monitors connected via DVI. Now we’re seeing monitors that connect with USB for ease of use, or in the case of these new monitors from NEC, via HDMI for the best picture.

NEC announced the launch of two new AccuSync monitors that feature an HDMI port in addition to the standard DVI port. The 22-inch and 24-inch monitors, along with their 19-inch cousin will all support HDCP encryption so you can watch Blu-ray and HD DVD movies at their full resolution.

The larger 24-inch display will support full 1080p, which will be great for watching those HD movies. The 19-inch and 22-inch monitors are available now for $280 and $380 while the 24-inch model won’t be showing up until later this month for $550.

NEC intros AccuSync LCDs with HDMI
[via electronista]

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