NEC’s P-ISM Pens For Virtual Internet Kiosk

Rue Liu - Dec 6, 2006

Modern day geeks no longer need to use pocket-protectors as they are more likely to carry some sort of tiny mobile computing device than a front pocket full of pens. But interestingly, NEC has developed a concept called the P-ISM  “pen-style personal networking gadget package,” which consists of five pens each with a unique function that work together to create virtual computing on the go. This package feels very double-O, but half super spy, half super geek, and will definitely fill that front pocket back up sans the pocket protector.

One pen acts as a cellular phone with handwriting data input capability, the second pen functions as a camera scanner, the third pen can project a virtual QWERTY keyboard, the fourth pen can project a display screen , and the fifth can function as a peronal ID key with cashless pass function. The pens are connected with one another through short-range wireless technology and the whole set is connected to the Internet via the cellular phone function.

It is not clear yet whether this design has gone beyond the concept stage. So for those excitely awaiting to fill their front pockets with some deceptively ordinary pens that turn out to be a hi-tech virtual internet kiosk simulator, you’ll have to wait a little longer.

The P-ISM pen from NEC writes, projects, scans, and more [Via: MobileMag & NEC]

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