Neato reveals new Botvac D series of robot vacuums

Neato, the makers of the Botvac robot vacuum cleaners, have just announced two new models of the their laser-guided floor cleaners, focusing on hardwood environments, as well as homes with pets. The Botvac D75 and Botvac D85 have been updated with a slick new black and white design scheme, fitting in well in modern homes and offices. Like many robot vacuums, Neato's D Series offers the basics of automated cleaning and scanning the environment for obstacles, as well as several improvements over past models.

Neato says their brush system has been updated for the D75 and D85, allowing the vacuums to be more effective on a range of different floor surfaces. The D75, priced at $499, is described as being the best model for general purpose/all floor types cleaning, working well and reducing noise while running on hard surfaces.

The D85 model also works well on all floor types, but its brushes are configured to pick up hair from pets or any other sources. The $599 price also includes a combination brush that allows the vacuum to be much quieter while cleaning different surfaces.

As for other standard features, the new Botvacs use laser scanning to map a room's floor plan and then determine the most efficient route to take for cleaning. The vacuums can move from room to room automatically, and recognize when to return to the charging base, then pickup where they left off. Their unique "D" shape also means they can fit perfectly into corners when cleaning.