Near-Infrared Light Could Be Used In Future Lie Detectors

Polygraph tests have been used for a long time to detect whether or not a person is lying. They rely on respiration rate, blood pressure, pulse and anxiety levels to determine when someone is lying.

But a new kind of polygraph will used near-infrared spectroscopy to determine lies from truths. A patent was recently filed with the World Intellectual Property Organization according to the New Scientist that would use this tech. It works by shining a light through the skull to the brain. And depending on how much light is then reflected back, scientists can then determine how active the brain is, and therefore whether or not you're lying.

The light would be measured by a sensor in a headband that would fit flexibly around the head. Then, brain activity would be monitored and transmitted for averaging following the test or during the test. The real benefit here is that it would be much more accurate than current lie detection methods and it would be inexpensive and not so bulky to transport.

[via Crave at CNET]