NDrive G400 is the first nav system with a breathalyzer built in

James Allan Brady - Feb 21, 2008

I’ve always wondered how many drunk driving accidents could have been stopped if people really knew how drunk they were, I guess with this nave system we’ll be one step closer. Sure, personal breathalyzers aren’t exactly new, but having one built into your directions home is.

The best part is that it tells you to “Please don’t drive” and even throws in a frowny face to emphasize the point. The breathalyzer is located on the drivers side of the device (go figure) and calibrates itself each time to account for the amount of alcohol already in the air.

Then it tells you to blow, to blow on the little air vents for a while and then it comes up with your approximate BAC and whether that’s a safe amount to drive with. You can only get it in Portugal, and its 200 Euro there, so about $300 USD, god this makes me want a beer.

[via navigadget]

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