NDP reports Android beating down iOS in first-time smartphone buyers

Though Apple's iPhone 4S did show off the strongest quarter for Apple of any iPhone this Q4 2011, Android is being shown by NDP to be taking the cream of the crop for new users. What you'll see here is a time period between October and December of the year 2011, with all smartphone buyers choosing Android only slightly more than iOS with the iPhone, then with first-time smartphone buyers Android clearly winning the poll. While you do keep in mind that iOS is only counting up a few devices, you should take note that the rest of the smart device world is only hitting on 9% total, this showing the true power of the Google vs Apple force.

This study is showing off what a bit of number crunching can do to show not only the difference between the two major forces in the industry, but what they've been doing to the rest of the environment. There's a crushing blow to be seen here, folks, and it's not just that your mind should be amazed by the fact that a former titan like BlackBerry is included in that 9%. Android and iOS are growing, and it says a whole lot for Apple that even though their operating system only sits on a few devices, it's got a comparable market share with Android, which has the ability to be placed on devices galore.

Have a look back at the rest of the statistics from studies in weeks bast. See the Android and Apple reports and find how no matter what's found by the various forces that be, both are heading for a non-stop popularity festival through many years to come. Also remember that Windows Phone is included in that 9% as well, and that feature phones are not included in this study at all. It's a tiny, tiny world we're living in now, where dominance in smartphone OS versions is clear.