NBCUniversal may give viewers gift cards for streaming its shows

Brittany A. Roston - Aug 10, 2018, 3:09 pm CDT
NBCUniversal may give viewers gift cards for streaming its shows

Most video streaming services come in three varieties: free with ads, as a subscription with ads, or as a subscription without ads. NBCUniversal is planning something entirely different, according to a new report, that not only won’t charge for a subscription, but will actively reward viewers who stream content. Planned content reportedly includes NBCU’s own shows and third-party videos.

According to The Information, NBCUniversal is considering launching a video streaming service called Watch Back that’ll feature both web series and TV shows. Assuming the sources are correct, the Watch Back service may reward viewers with points for watching content; those points could be redeemed for gift cards.

The Watch Back name is an internal one, according to the report, and may not be the name of the final service. Sources claim Watch Back is something of a marketing effort designed to get people interested in NBCUniversal’s shows. This is a change from its previous streaming service, Seeso, which was shuttered last year.

As such, viewers reportedly won’t have access to the full library of NBCU content, but rather premieres and other bits and pieces to drum up interest. Other media companies may also offer content on Watch Back, which will be joined by advertisements for other shows. The report also claims that Watch Back isn’t a finalized effort yet.

SOURCE: The Information

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