NBA JAM On Fire Edition out now, Unlockable Characters revealed!

If you're a fan of the greatest basketball video game in the history of the world, NBA JAM, you know that there's some undeniably awesome unlockable characters in every single edition. What we've got here this week (available starting this week, that is,) is the newest NBA JAM game entitled On Fire Edition – and with it comes some of the strangest new oddball basketball players you've ever seen!

While previous versions of NBA JAM have included such gems as President Bill Clinton jamming dunks from across court, this version gets a little less political. Watch the video below and you'll think you're waiting for an advertisement to be over for a new version of the SSX snowboarding game and OH WHAT, WHAT JUST HAPPENED – that's right, there's an SSX team of players featuring the classic set of snowboarding heros right there on the court. Don't they get hot in those big snowsuits? I guess not! We'll see how they fare against the mascot players – also seen in the video:

In addition to the new unlockable players, there's some STANDARD upgrades to this version as well. NBA JAM On Fire Edition had a brand new to the franchise AI system that's previously been used in the Fight Night game series, modified to fit this classic arena. What it does is learn from your tendencies to, for example, head to the top of the court every single freaking time you get the ball, and learned from them, "throwing them back in your face", as it were.

There's also online competitions and a cooperative online campaign included in this brand new game from EA Sports. You can purchase the game directly through the PlayStation Network and Xbox LIVE Arcade for $14.99 USD or 1200 points respectively. Grab it now!

[via EA Games]