Nazi time capsule with historical 'treasures' found in Poland

Last week, a small town in Poland unearthed an old time capsule in hopes of finding historical footage about their town concealed within. Instead, they discovered a bunch of well preserved items from the Nazi era, including a couple copies of 'Mein Kampf' and some coins. According to officials from Zlocieniec, the Polish town, the copper cylinder container (a time capsule, essentially) didn't contain the film they were hoping for, but did turn up a bunch of historically significant items instead.

The time capsule dates back to 1934, when it was buried beneath a Nazi training center, according to the AP. Not surprising given the date and location, the cylinder contains a bunch of Nazi-era items: coins, the training center's founding act written on parchment, a local banker's letter in regards to the center, some photographs, two copies of Hilter's 'Mein Kampf,' and some coins.

During the training camp's time, the city was known as Falkenburg and was located within Germany. The capsule was unearthed on September 6, opened on September 13, and the contents were announced publicly on September 20. Unfortunately, the historical documentary they were seeking wasn't located inside.

Officials consider the discovery ultimately disappointing, as they'd hoped to get their hands on the documentary footage instead. However, and unlike with many decades-old time capsules, the items remained well preserved, and so are of historical significance. The items will be put into display at a museum at some point, but with explicit commentary pointing out the deaths and destruction that resulted from Nazi ideology.