NavTrac RTV10 has GPS tracking

NavTrac is a relatively unknown company but they are really setting themselves apart in the GPS market with their latest offering, the RTV10 portable navigation device, which features LiveViewGPS and other features we don't usually see.

So what exactly sets this GPS apart? Well, it offers up your standard fare in terms of turn-by-turn directions, of course, but it also has GPS tracking. Now, what is GPS tracking, exactly? Well, it makes it so people can track where you are at all times. I'm not sure that I love that feature, but it's definitely not a standard on most other GPS devices.

Another interesting feature is the two-way messaging. This allows you to connect with other people and though it doesn't exactly have Internet access, it does allow for a bit of communication. Other specs include a 4.3-inch 480 x272 touchscreen, 4GB flash memory, a speaker, 64GB RAM and a SiRF Atlas III GPS module. Powered by a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery, you can expect to pay $599 for this bad boy, plus $39.95 a month for the subscription fee.

[via Engadget]