Navteq claims traffic-enabled GPS saves four days per year

The only thing that is worse than sitting in traffic is sitting in traffic without air conditioning in Texas during the summer. One of the best features that many GPS devices offer that entices users who don't even need the navigation features is live traffic updates.

According to Navteq, a study it conducted has shown that drivers who use a traffic-enabled GPS device can save themselves four days per year of sitting in traffic. The study was conducted in Germany and looked at drivers who used traffic-enabled GPS and those who didn't.

The study results show that drivers spend 18% less time driving on an average trip when using traffic-enabled GPS than those who drive without GPS. That adds up to a savings of four days per year not spent sitting in traffic for Americans. The shorter time spent in traffic also means fuel and emissions savings as well. Drivers in the U.S. using GPS would cut their C02 emissions by 21%.