Navigon 8110 GPS features new MobileNavigator software

James Allan Brady - Jan 23, 2008

It also brings you a bit of MacBook Pro style to your car with its brushed aluminum surfaces. The new version of software apparently features voice synthesis and voice recognition for receiving instructions, from you, via voice commands.

Routes should be calculated faster with the new version 7, and the 3D reality view should still be there, but it should be more fleshed out in the new version. In the same manner, the “lane assist” feature should net some improvements.

This will likely be one of Navigon’s higher end models with a 4.8-inch screen, Bluetooth for hands-free calling, an FM Transmitter so it can take over your car’s audio, and an RDS/TMC receiver for traffic info so it can re-route you around traffic. That last part, the RDS/TMC receiver, is embedded in the car charger for the unit.

It has a 533MHz processor, 128MB of memory, and a graphic accelerator there is also 512MB of ROM. It will sadly only be selling in Europe, for 499 euros, and it is supposed to be unveiled at CeBIT in Germany.

[via navigadget]

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