Navdy Augmented Driving ships, lets you drive like a fighter pilot

Shane McGlaun - Oct 26, 2016, 5:47am CDT
Navdy Augmented Driving ships, lets you drive like a fighter pilot

Navdy first started talking up its in-car aftermarket HUD back in the summer of 2014. At the time the company was promising to ship the device in 2015 for about $499. 2015 came and went and now 2016 is almost over and Navdy has finally shipped what it claims to be the world’s first augmented driving device.

The design of the Navdy has changed since we first saw it, the images with the announcement that the device is now shipping shows a device with a slightly different shape. The price has also gone up by a significant amount. If you held off on the pre-order back in 2014 when you could get the device for $299, you may regret that. Originally Navdy said the HUD would retail for $499, it has come to market for $799.

That is a very hard price to swallow when you can get a normal navigation device for considerably less money. If you don’t want to cough up the $799 up front, you can get the device for as low a $71 monthly for 12 months. Presumably there is some sort of credit check involved with that. Navdy is compatible with iOS 9 and 10 as well as Android Jelly Bean 4.1 or higher devices.

If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, LA, Chicago, Manhattan, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, or Miami Navdy will give you same day hand delivery and setup for the price. If you forget what the Navdy device has to offer, it projects your Google Maps directions and notifications from your phone on a virtual screen on your windshield.

The data is provided as a transparent image that allows you to keep your eyes on the road. You can swipe in the air to answer or reject calls. One nice bit about the Navdy device is that it has its own GPS chip and local storage of maps so a loss of mobile signal doesn’t mean a loss of maps. Navdy also supports Siri and Google Now.

SOURCE: MarketWired

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