Naughty image in the Moto clock? You decide!

Do you remember way back when people were talking about how the cover of the Disney movie The Little Mermaid contained a not-so-rated-G image? Well, according to some, Motorola has done almost the same thing.

Looking at the image above I really didn't notice anything at first glance. Then someone pointed out that I should be looking carefully at the clock. (not the piece of sushi by the chopsticks) I then saw the phallic resemblance that everyone was talking about.

I really couldn't say if this was something intentional or not. I doubt that most people would even notice it. However, once it's pointed out, it's hard to miss. The phones that have this phallic image include Motorola's V9m, Z6m and V3xx. Go ahead and call Motorola if you're offended by the image, I'm sure by this point everyone over there is in a bright and chipper mood.

Motorola software shows naughty image [via boygenius]