NAT Audio Magma tube amp - audiophile quality with car show power

Sure, it's a tube amp, a single ended one, and it will give you the audiophile quality sound you have been looking for. I mean, it has a frequency response of 10Hz all the way up to 100kHz, input impedence of 100kohms, input sensitivity of 2.7V RMS to get the full power output, and gain of 22.5 dB when using 8ohms.

You can also switch between 4 and 8 ohms. It has a 6N1P-EV, a 6N30P-DR, and the big ass tube is an Eimac 450TH. All that, and they still manage to give you a lot of power output at 160 watts, for a tube amp, that's an amazing amount of power.

It measures in at 11.8x25.2x14.2 inches in size and weighs a whopping 88 pounds, kinda makes you wonder what the tinted glass shield is to protect you from. They come in pairs for $55,000 a pair.

NAT Audio's Magma is one beastly tube amplifier [via engadget]