NASCAR’s Jeff Gordon pranks a poor, unsuspecting car salesman

Brian Sin - Mar 13, 2013
NASCAR’s Jeff Gordon pranks a poor, unsuspecting car salesman

It was just a nice, winter’s day over at Concord, NC. This poor salesman, Steve, from Troutman Motors didn’t think much of it. Perhaps he’d make a few sales today, and then maybe he’d clock out around 5 and head home to his family. But no, Pepsi MAX and NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon had a different plan in mind for the guy. Pepsi MAX disguised Jeff Gordon up to look like just an innocent customer looking to find his next set of wheels, but in reality, he was going to instill the fear of death into poor, ol Steve.

Jeff Gordon received the full 9 yards for his disguise: facial hair, make-up, and a cheek mole. He also tried to appear as naive as possible to Steve. Pretending he didn’t know that you have to unlock cars to get inside them, having to adjust to the acceleration of the 2009 Camaro, and making a couple abrupt stops just to seal the deal. Once he had thoroughly convinced Steve that he was an amateur driver, he proceeded to scare the living crap out of him. Speeding around the Philip Morris manufacturing plant, swerving around other cars, making donuts around a light pole, all of which probably would’ve made Steve pee his pants.

Of course, this was all staged, because in reality this probably would’ve given poor, ol Steve a heart attack. This was all part of a promotion to create a viral video campaign for Pepsi MAX, and it worked, garnering over 1.8 million viewers. There were cameras placed on Jeff Gordon’s glasses, his Pepsi Max can, on the car, and all through the staging areas.

Brad Noffsinger, a racer at the Richard Petty Driving Experience, did some of the driving we saw on the video. This video was produced by “Gifted You”, a division that’s part of Will Ferrell’s Funny or Die company. There have been said to be 75 people employed to shoot this video. So while it may not be real, it’s very entertaining and everyone can agree that it’s full of awesome.

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