NASA's New Podcast Series Details Space Agency's 'Invisible' Tech

Podcasts are popular again and it seems a new one appears every week covering a particular topic or hobby. NASA counts itself among them, revealing the launch of a new podcast called The Invisible Network. The space agency describes this as a limited edition podcast, one that already features six episodes available to download through popular platforms.

"This new podcast brings listeners a side of NASA they may have never heard of before," the space agency said in its announcement today. The audio series details "technologies crucial to spaceflight, yet often overlooked," according to NASA, which has made its episodes available through Apple Podcasts, SoundCloud, and on its own website.

The book Read You Loud and Clear published by former NASA engineer Sunny Tsiao in 2008 was the inspiration for the podcast's title. The space agency's networks aren't readily visible, NASA points out, "except when they fall short," but the podcast will help change that.

Listeners are introduced to NASA's "invisible" technologies, as well as "the human side" of the space agency's work. A teaser episode points toward all the data NASA sends back to Earth every single day and the technology that makes that possible — the ones it details in this new series.

NASA hasn't said whether it plans to release more than the initial six episodes in this series, but it does offer other podcast offerings on different topics. The space agency has previously published audio series like "Gravity Assist" and "Rocket Ranch," all of them covering various people, tech, science, and the universe around us.

A full list of links to all NASA podcasts are available here.