NASA turns 50 today

Can you believe it, folks? NASA started up for business 50 years ago today on October 1, 1958 when the first employees sat down to a day's work. And even better yet, NASA is still doing what they do best: giving us permission to look to the sky in wonder with a tangible hope of knowing what lies beyond our world.

NASA has done many an impressive thing over the past 50 years. There were the moon landings, the space stations, satellite launches and more. And of course, they have been associated with a few tragedies as well including the Challenger, Columbia and a launchpad fire.

But one thing that remains the same today as it did back when NASA began is the spirit of discovery. There may have been a few roadblocks here and there but it is in the name of science we persevere. Happy Birthday NASA!

[via Gearlog]