NASA shares stunning photo of Earth painted with sunrise shadows

NASA has captured thousands of images from space, many of which are made available on the agency's website. Though many of these images aren't terribly exciting, some of them have proven stunning, particularly ones showing off our own planet in a way we can't perceive from the surface. The latest example of this kind of content is a new image that shows Earth bathed in sunrise shadows.

NASA selects atypically notable images to highlight on its website, drawing attention to content it thinks the public would be particularly interested in. The latest example (below) shows the Philippine Sea covered with fluffy clouds, each of them illuminated with morning sunlight and obscured with the harsh shadows cast by a rising sun.

This image was captured around 200 miles above the planet's surface, according to NASA, by the International Space Station just after the start of sunrise. The orbiting space station was located just a bit northeast of the nation's major city Manila, NASA explains on its website, providing a unique look at a familiar place.

As with other 'Image of the Day' photos, the sunrise snapshot is available for anyone to download in high-resolution on the NASA website. These images are in the public domain and can be edited to suit the viewer's tastes, plus they can be printed and generally used as part of other projects, though there are certain restrictions and limitations.

If you like what you see and want to check out other incredible images NASA has selected as 'Image of the Day,' you can check out the space agency's portal on its website here.