NASA shares spooky space sounds just in time for Halloween

NASA has shared some out-of-this-world spooky sound to get everyone in the Halloween spirit. The space agency has curated a collection of audio clips recorded in space, all of them various degrees of creepy or uncomfortable, including helium that is making a whistling sounds and planets that sound like they're howling into space.

You may have heard creepy sounds recorded in the depths of the ocean, but how about in the far reaches of space? Turns out the celestial expanse produces even odder, more uncomfortable or outright disturbing sounds than the dark unknowns of our own oceans. NASA has picked almost two dozen different audio segments and uploaded them for everyone to enjoy via SoundCloud.

These audio segments were recorded by various NASA missions over the years, many being from newly deceased Cassini, others from Stardust and Voyager. Some of the clips are from nearby planets like Saturn and Jupiter, while others are from various Kepler discoveries and yet others are recordings of space phenomena like 'plasmaspheric hiss.'

Many of these sounds are the by-product of radio emissions captured by NASA spacecraft. That is, you wouldn't hear them with your ears were you within range of them, but rather this is what they sound like after being converted by scientists into sound waves. You can listen to them yourself from the SoundCloud box above or head over to this link.