NASA seeks new Artemis astronauts: Here are the requirements

NASA is seeking applications for a new generation of astronauts, but you'll need extensive education and credentials in order to meet the minimum requirements for applying. The space agency issued the alert for more astronauts on Tuesday, explaining that it will accept submissions during the month of March. The astronauts will be heading for the Moon and beyond.

NASA is accepting new astronaut applications from March 2 to March 31. Applicants will need to meet the basic requirements, which include being a US citizen and holding a master's degree in some STEM field like biological science or mathematics.

NASA says there are certain things that can meet the master's degree requirement, such as graduating from a test pilot school with a nationally recognized program. In that case, applicants must have a minimum of 1,000 hours of pilot-in-command time operating a jet aircraft, according to the space agency.

Alternatively, applicants could meet the requirement if they're a doctor of osteopathic medicine or doctor of medicine; or, alternatively, if they have completed at least 36 semester hours of Ph.D. work in a STEM field. The space agency also requires applicants to have a minimum of two years of 'related, progressively responsible professional experience' in their field.

Beyond all of that, the applicants must also be able to pass NASA's physical, which evaluates the applicants for suitably on long spaceflights. The space agency has also introduced an entirely new requirement involving a two-hour-long online assessment. Accepted candidates who complete the training will work with NASA, potentially including trips into space.