NASA releases Greely Panorama video from Mars

I really love it NASA releases new photos and video taken by various spacecraft, and rovers on the surface of other planets. I mentioned last week that the Mars rover Opportunity had taken a bunch of new photos that NASA had released. Today comes a new video from the surface of Mars taken by the Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity.

The full circle scene was pieced together into one seamless panoramic view by combining 817 images taken by Opportunity's Pancam. The panoramic photos were shot while Opportunity sat waiting out the Martian winter. Opportunity sat still for four months during the winter.

Opportunity was conducting some sort of work while sitting still, presumably other than taking these photos. It's interesting that the solar panels in some of the early scenes appear to have a very thick coating of Martian dust. Ultimately, Opportunity will be unable to gather enough power from the sun to sustain itself if the dust on the panels becomes too thick.

[via Telegraph]