NASA offers Mars Images app for Android/iPhone

It's hard to imagine the NASA Opportunity Rover so far away sitting there doing its thing on an alien planet. The rover shoots photos of its days and experiments back to NASA all the time, which is where we get some of the cool images we have seen from Mars. If you are a big space geek rocking, an iPhone or Android NASA has an app for you.

The Mars Images app is available, and it trolls the NASA Opportunity images feed and will share those images with you, as soon as they are sent back to Earth from the red planet. The app was developed by Mark Powell from the NASA JPL. You can also access old photos that the rover sent home in the past. The app will be updated too.

The updates will bring archive photos form the now dead Spirit rover. NASA is also going to add a similar app for the Mars Science Laboratory once hit hits the surface of Mars. I wish it would access video that would be cool.

[via Wired]