NASA offers 4K video of the sun doing its thing and it's glorious

NASA is constantly taking images of the amazing beauty that abounds in our solar system and around the galaxy. One of the imaging spacecraft that NASA has in service right now is the Solar Dynamics Observatory or SDO. The SDO has been placed in a prime location for viewing the Sun 24/7 and it does so in ten different wavelengths.

Each of those wavelengths is given a different color and in this image we see multiple wavelengths spliced together to show us every facet of our star. Each of those wavelengths helps scientists to highlight a different temperature of solar material.

The video you see below spans a bit more than 30 minutes and is offered in 4k resolution. The video took a lot of work to build and process. NASA says that a team of media specialists worked about ten hours to create a single minute of footage for the video.

In the video, we see the sun slowly spin as massive solar flares and eruptions fill the screen. It's a very soothing video that highlights just how awesome and incredible our star is. The most impressive part is that the Sun is never still; its surface is constantly in flux.