NASA Mars Trek takes you on a tour of the Red Planet

Of all the planets in the solar system other than Earth, the most explored is Mars. NASA has a number of rovers and space ships in orbit around Mars and has mapped enough of the surface of the planet to give us a very detailed look at what it's like. If you want to do some virtual exploring of Mars on your own, NASA has a new Mars Trek website that you will want to check out.Mars Trek is sort of like Google Street View for the Red Planet. It's an interactive map of the surface of Mars that is made from images taken by several missions that can be explored in 2D or 3D. The ability to zoom in for close up views of craters and other objects is missing, but users can control their view.

You can view the planet surface from global, north polar, and south polar views. Known locations on the surface are marked with little pop up cards that give more details on the feature. Bookmarks give you access to programmed locations that are of historical significance, like the landing site of Curiosity.

You can even download STL files to 3D print models of those places. Mars Trek can be accessed via mobile devices and computers. You can access Mars Trek via its official website here.

SOURCE: NASA, Engadget