NASA live-streaming six-hour ISS spacewalk right now

This isn't the first time that NASA has live-streamed a spacewalk, but we certainly don't get treated to them very often. Today, NASA is live streaming a six-hour spacewalk aboard the International Space Station, as two Russian cosmonauts venture their way out into deep, dark space to fix a broken reflector and install weather monitoring equipment on the exterior of the station.

The spacewalk will last a total of six hours, and it's going on right now, and you can view what the cosmonauts are seeing thanks to their helmet cameras, and you can also hear the audio transmission between the two cosmonauts and the mission control on the ground, which is pretty neat. Pavel Vinogradov and Roman Romanenko are the two cosmonauts making the spacewalk.

The spacewalkers will be tasked with installing what's called the Obstanovka experiment on the exterior of the station's Zvezda service module. The equipment will study plasma waves and the effect of space weather on Earth's ionosphere. They will also retrieve the Biorisk experiment, which studied the effect of microbes on spacecraft structures.

The cosmonauts will also replace a faulty retro-reflector device, which is just one of the navigational aids that provides assistance to the European Space Agency's Albert Einstein Automated Transfer Vehicle 4 cargo ship, where it will automatically dock to the space station later in June.