NASA is hosting a public event for the next Cygnus resupply mission

NASA has announced that it is inviting the public to participate in virtual activities and events ahead of the 15th commercial resupply services mission conducted by Northrop Grumman. NASA says that the resupply mission will be pushed into orbit by an Antares rocket that carries the spacecraft and 8000 pounds of cargo to the ISS. Among the cargo are science experiments and supplies for astronauts.

NASA is currently targeting the launch for 12:36 PM EST on Saturday, February 20. The launch will happen from the mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport Pad-0A at the NASA Wallops Flight Facility on Wallops Island, Virginia. Members of the public will be able to attend the launch virtually.

During the virtual launch, members of the public will receive mission updates and opportunities that are usually reserved for guests on-site. The virtual launch event includes curated launch resources, a behind-the-scenes look at the mission, notifications about NASA social interactions, and the opportunity for a virtual launch passport stamp after a successful launch.

The Virtual Launch Passport allows stamps to be emailed to participants who are registered via email through Eventbrite. The passport can be printed, folded, and is then ready for use. Anyone interested in obtaining a Virtual Lunch Passport can get one here. Fans will stay connected to the mission via social media on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

February is a big month for NASA, it's Perseverance rover is arriving at Mars later this month. One of the most interesting experiments that Perseverance will take to the Red Planet's surface is a small drone helicopter that will attempt to fly on Mars for the first time. Spacecraft from two other countries are also scheduled to enter Mars orbit this month, but only one of those will touch down on the surface of the planet a few months from now.