NASA finds all 26 letters of the alphabet from space

Some of the people who work at NASA spend their time pouring over the gobs of images that come into the space agency from various satellites, astronauts on the ISS, and telescopes around the world. Many of the images are of Earth seen from space and one NASA worker decided to see if he could find all 26 letters of the English alphabet in these images.

Some of the images are clearly recognizable and some of them take a bit of imagination to see. They are in order in the gallery below from A to Z. Many of the letters are lower case with some, like the "a" pictured here said to be in cursive. The "a" is one of the hardest to see.

Other than just publishing the images of the letters, NASA also gives a bit of detail about where the image was taken and uses a Suess-like rhyming syntax in describing the letters that may be a bit annoying.

There are a few of the letters in the gallery are found in clouds. Apparently the hardest letters to find were "a", "b", and "r". NASA also says that if you can find a better example of a letter in any NASA imagery, give them an email with the date, latitude, and longitude and it will be used.