NASA details next SpaceX ISS cargo launch: How to watch it live

NASA has revealed its plans for the next cargo launch to the International Space Station, detailing the planned launch date and time, as well as how the public can participate in the event even if they're safely at home. As with previous launches, the space agency plans to have a live broadcast about the cargo mission that anyone can watch.

SpaceX plans the launch the next cargo mission to the International Space Station on August 28, NASA has revealed. Assuming there aren't any weather issues or other complications, the launch will take place at 3:37 AM EDT, making it quite early for many people to tune in live. If that won't stop you, you'll have the chance to see the launch on NASA TV with the broadcast kicking off at 3:15 AM EDT.

As expected, the launch will take place from the Kennedy Space Center at Launch Complex 39A, with NASA shipping a variety of goods to the astronauts on the ISS. In addition to supplies and equipment, the cargo will include multiple scientific experiments, including everything from a robotic arm to grape seed and skin metabolites.

The cargo will also include multiple Girl Scout experiments, among them being projects involving ants, shrimp, and plants. Assuming the launch takes place at the scheduled time, the SpaceX Dragon spacecraft will dock with the ISS on Sunday.

NASA says the Dragon vessel will remain docked with the space station for around a month before returning home. If you want to watch the launch broadcast live, tune into NASA TV at 3:15 AM EDT on August 28. You can find the space agency's broadcast on its media website, including a viewing guide with dates and times for the programming.