NASA Debuts New Earthrise Video With More Footage

In April of 2012, NASA offered up a video that recreated the very first Earthrise as photographed when astronauts were orbiting the moon in 1968. The first video recreation used data collected by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter to show the exact path that the Apollo 8 astronauts took over the surface of the moon.

The orbital video was overlaid with the actual communications of the astronauts that were recorded by the onboard instruments. NASA has now offered up a second video that is much longer than the original. It uses some of the same footage generated from LRO data.

The video shows that while the actual photo of Earthrise that became one of the most iconic images in history was taken by one of the astronauts, it was a group effort to get the image taken. You can hear the crew frantically search for color film in an effort to snap the photo before the Earth disappeared from view.

Considering how cool astronauts are under pressure of all sorts, the excitement in their voices as they see the Earthrise for the first time is apparent. The NASA team was able to determine where each photo taken aboard the Apollo 8 orbiter was taken by matching the terrain in the photos with data from the LRO.