NASA boosts 4K desires with NASA TV UHD

Each time a new TV technology comes to market we end up with a chicken or the egg situation. Consumers don't want to purchase 4K UHD TVs because there isn't much in the way of content to watch on them. Since consumers aren't buying many UHD TVs, content creators aren't keen on making content to support the resolution. NASA is stepping up to the plate and giving science and space fans a great reason to buy 4K.

NASA has launched NASA TV UHD with the goal of bringing ultra-high definition video with imagery that only NASA could get. To make the content, NASA has an array of six 4K+ cameras and used them to document the launch of the Orbital ATK commercial resupply mission to the ISS that launched December 6.

The footage was captured using UHD with high frame rates and in HDR. After the recording was finished, NASA made the footage into a program that showcases the entire launch process. The film will air on NASA TV UHD.

NASA has offered up some technical details for the satellite it is using to host NASA TV UHD, but you won't be able to get it unless your cable or satellite company decides to carry the network. The signal is on the AMC-18 satellite and covers North America. NASA says that a DVB compliant IRD is needed for reception of the signal.