Naruto: Rise of a Ninja lets you choose between American and Japanese voice actors

I'm actually a pretty big fan of anime. If you're not familiar, anime is basically a term used to describe Japanese cartoons. The shows are usually out for some time in Japan before they are brought over for us to watch here in the US. They generally use the same animation, however it is censored for our sensitive American eyes, and obviously the voices have to be re-dubbed. Yes, I'm actually going somewhere with this, so try to keep up.

A lot of people enjoy watching the original Japanese versions because they are uncut and contain more footage, and sometimes even entire episodes are lost in the American versions. So when a video game is created after the show, you're generally stuck listening to the American voice actors, which sound pretty strange when compared to their Japanese counterparts. So naturally, fans of the Japanese voice actors are generally pretty annoyed when playing such games. However, with the latest game based on the Naruto series, you actually get to choose which voice actors you want to hear.

Granted, when you first purchase the game, you won't find the option there. However, a quick trip to the Xbox Live Marketplace will net you the (free) download. You'll then have the option to select which sets of voice actors you'd like to listen to.

Original Japanese Cast Voices Available As Naruto Downloadable Content [via game|life]