Napster tries $5 subscription on for size

Brenda Barron - May 18, 2009
Napster tries $5 subscription on for size

Napster has been known to be having a bit of trouble with their music download service, but they’re now trying to spruce it up by offering a subscription service with a dramatically lower price tag than the competition at only $5 a month.

You will gain access to as much music as you want under the new subscription plan, so long as it’s streamed onto your computer. You will also get five MP3s you can download and keep per month as a part of the deal.

If you live in the U.S., you can sign up for the new plan today. With the economy so bad and Napster really struggling to maintain a foothold, this move makes sense. However, time will only tell if this is enough to resurrect the company and keep them relevant.

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