Nanovision MIMO 7-inch USB LCD with optional touchscreen & DMB

From the huge to the tiny; these Nanovision MIMO displays are a mere 7-inches running at 800 x 480 widescreen resolution, and – like the Century Japan LCD-4300U we saw last week – connect via USB 2.0 rather than demanding a second graphics card.  Two versions are on offer, each supporting rotation from landscape to portrait orientation.

The base model, UM-710, is merely a 7-inch LCD sub-display, ideal for dragging across toolbars and media players.  The UM-750, meanwhile, adds a touchscreen layer, webcam and integrated DMB TV tuner. 

Of course, that won't be much good if you're not in Korea, but since the two MIMO displays are currently only available in that country there won't be too many disappointed children come Christmas morning.  The UM-710 retails at 98,000 KRW ($78) while the UM-750 is a surprisingly low 183,000 KRW ($147) through Funshop Korea.

[via technabob]