Nanopoint’s Celltray Answers Biological Peek-A-Boo

James Allan Brady - Jul 30, 2007

For years scientists have been unable to study living cells on slides, that is all changing thanks to the folks at Nanopoint. Their new Celltray is like combining a microscope slide with a life-sustaining environment.

The invention won the IDSA’s medical category in 2007 taking home the gold. Granted, you can’t see it in the photo, but there are 7,614 little wells on the slide.

These wells are not only connected, allowing for the dispersal of many things such as sustenance for the cells or other test substances, but they also already contain a liquid medium or transfer substance. Why is this so big you may ask?, well chances are you will be just as surprised to find that most studying of cells have been from still photos! Now they will finally be able to capture all that hot cell-based action. Hopes are high that this invention will bring to light answers to more questions and more information in general.

Celltray, First Instrument to Display Living Biological Cells [via Gizmodo]

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