Nano Nails converts long fingernails into stylii

As you can imagine, touchscreens have a slight bias against long fingernails, and if you happen to have long fingernails, we're sure that you've already developed some special techniques to effectively use your phone and tablet. However, a new product called Nano Nails aims to essentially turn those long fingernails into touchscreen stylii.

A company by the name of Tech Tips created a detachable fingernail attachment of sorts that acts as a stylus. From there, the company figured out a way to embed the technology into wearable and fashionable fingernails. Nano Nails hide a tiny capacitive tip under the index fingernail that can be detected by a touchscreen just like a fingertip would, and it's completely invisibile unless you're looking for it.

The stylus nails will save you from having to carry a separate stylus, and since they're glued to your finger, they're always at the ready. There is a slight learning curve to Nano Nails, which is mostly getting used to using the proper angle for the tip to make contact with the display, but it's certainly better than having to blindly tap at your phone with the pad of your finger.

Nano Nails will be available in either a full press-on nail or a nail tip, and the company expects them to sell in packages of four or six for around $10. They can also be put on by either the wearer or applied professionally at a salon. Tech Tips expects to start shipping the new product sometime this May.

[via CNET]