Nano Drone quadcopter fits in your palm

Brittany A. Roston - Feb 6, 2015, 11:57 pm CST
Nano Drone quadcopter fits in your palm

The company behind the CX-10 Series Nano Drone has updated its design in many ways and introduced those changes as part of its new Nano Drone, a miniature quadcopter with the functionality of a personal drone and a size that fits in your palm. The result is a nimble, feature rich tiny drone that can zip around one’s room or office, withstand most bumps and drops and other oopsies, and provide new operators with a low-investment option for learning the ropes.

Nano Drone features new top and side guards that protect the blades from being damaged in the event the operator knocks it into a wall or ceiling. There’s also Landing Skids that prevent the rotors from resting on the ground, and a travel case that is both hard-sided and designed to function as a showcase box.

In addition, the Nano Drone offers 6-Axis stablization that has been improved over past offerings to give better hovering results, as well as 3-speed calibration that makes operation smoother. All the while, it keeps a tiny size and, relative to other products, a tiny price tag.

Nano Drone’s maker is seeking funding via Indiegogo; it wants to raise $15,246 USD and has hit nearly half that at about $7100 in pledges. Backers will need to pledge $35 USD to get a single Nano Drone early unit in green, orange, or white. Those having it shipped in Canada will have to add $15 to that; international buyers will need to add $30.

SOURCE: Indiegogo

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