Nail Hammer Will Store Your Nails While You Hammer

When something goes together as well as a hammer and nail, you might expect that something like this concept design would have popped up some time sooner than now. But, perhaps better late than never is the best way to think about the Nail Hammer, a design concept from a pair of designers trying to find the best way to keep your nails safe while you hammer away.

The Nail Hammer is the creation of designers Ahjin Choi and Jinsoo Cho, and it's a pretty ingenious idea: you have a regular hammer, but instead having the handle just be something you use to hold, you use it as a depository for your nails, too. While you probably won't get it to work on an old hammer, the new Nail Hammer features a sliding mechanism that moves a door out of the way, which will showcase your nails right there, easily accessible.

The nails slide in at an angle, upwards, so that you'll have to tilt the hammer down slightly to get the nails out easily. Not that big of a deal, and a small extra movement that you'll have to make, but not a deal breaker by any means.

[via Yanko Design]