N64 fans get good news for Nintendo Switch Online roll out

During the most recent Nintendo Direct, Nintendo confirmed that N64 and Sega Genesis games are coming to Nintendo Switch Online. Retro games from those two platforms will be joining games from the NES and SNES that are already available with a Nintendo Switch Online subscription, but access to the N64 and Genesis games will require an extra subscription fee. While there are still some unknowns about this Nintendo Switch Online expansion, Nintendo today made an announcement that should put some gamers at ease.

On Twitter today, Nintendo of Europe confirmed that all N64 games offered through Nintendo Switch Online would run at 60Hz, just like they did here in the US when they were initially released. Due to differences between the NTSC and PAL formats in standard definition TVs, games of both the Genesis and N64 eras were often released in Europe at 50Hz instead of the 60Hz we enjoyed here in the US.

PAL games released in Europe often ran slower than their North American counterparts, and following the announcement that N64 and Genesis games were coming to Switch Online, many European fans were undoubtedly wondering if they'd be stuck playing the 50Hz versions. With Nintendo of Europe's tweet today, we now have an answer to that question, and it's "no, not unless you want to."

That's because Nintendo of Europe also confirmed today that some N64 games would offer the opportunity to play the original PAL version with multiple language options. Unfortunately, Nintendo didn't confirm which games will offer PAL versions, so it sounds like we will have to wait for more details on that front.

We're actually waiting for several key details about this Nintendo Switch Online add-on. The biggest is unquestionably pricing, with Nintendo packaging N64 and Genesis games as an "Expansion Pack" for Switch Online. We don't know how much the Expansion Pack will cost, but with Nintendo saying that it will launch at the end of October, we have to believe those details are coming around the bend soon.