N55 Walking House: bizarre demo video

As bizarre homes go, this has to be one of the more curious.  The N55 Walking House is a wind- and solar-powered, all-terrain living pod, 10ft tall and capable of strolling at a leisurely 60 meters per hour whenever you decide on a change of environment.  Inside there's a living room, kitchen, toilet, bed and a wood-burning stove, together with the computer that controls the legs.  Designed by the Copenhagen art collective N55, and built in collaboration with MIT, the prototype cost around £30,000 ($49k) to construct, including materials and time.Check out the video of the D55 Walking House moving after the cut

As well as a concept for nomadic living, the N55 Walking House could also be used to evacuate people and their homes when faced with impending natural disaster.  I'm already envisioning a flock of them making their way across the mountains, a little like The Sound of Music though with fewer Nazis.

Measuring 3.5 x 3.5 x 3.72 meters, the Walking House will be home to one of the N55 team, Øivind Slaatto, when it returns to Copenhagen.  They envisage a township built up of interlocking Walking Houses, that could move – either individually or en-mass – to relocate.  In fact, with some process polishing they believe that a commercial version could cost even less to make.

[via SlashDot & Telegraph]