MyTVRemote App For iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch Gets Hardware Revamp

When it comes to interacting and navigating your TV and other multimedia devices, there are increasingly more options these days. One app that attempts to turn your iOS device into a magical remote that both controls your TV and integrates social features is the MyTVRemote app. Today, the app is getting an updated IR transceiver dongle that will not only make the app work better, but also aims to make itself a conversation piece.

The company behind the app, Ryz Media, announced today that they will be offering four new colorful orb design IR transceivers for the MyTVRemote app that plugs into the headphone jacks of your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. It will allow you to control almost every entertainment device in your living room and comes packed with complete program guides for every zip code in the U.S.

The MyTVRemote app currently incorporates social features such as real-time online connection to friends and others watching the same program. You can also interact and discuss shows you are watching in real-time via Facebook and Twitter all within the remote app. The app itself is free, but the new hardware is $9.99.

MyTVRemote App Gets Hardware Design Overhaul

Colorful New Orb Designs Will Put a Conversation Piece on the Coffee Table, Also Improves Performance of IR Control

PALO ALTO, Calif., June 15, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Ryz Media, maker of the popular MyTVRemote app that turns the iPhone into a super powerful remote control, today announced a new colorful orb design for the hardware that plugs into the phone headset jack allowing control of almost every entertainment device in the living room.

These four colorful new options will improve function as well as form with an updated IR transceiver. The new hardware for the MyTVRemote app includes a complete program guide for every zip code in the U.S., displays the most popular shows on TV and connects TV fans with others who are watching.

"We felt the hardware design for the MyTVRemote needed to better fit the iPhone and Apple design motif," said Zeev Braude, CEO of Ryz Media. "Now, we think MyTVRemote users will get an instant conversation starter on the coffee table because this new hardware is an eye catcher."

The MyTVRemote app has been hailed by tech reviewers as one of the coolest iPhone accessories ever offered in the app store. It includes a customizable program guide that allows viewers to create their own unique TV guide. Viewers are then notified when their favorite shows are on and can navigate to them with a single click.

MyTVRemote also incorporates social elements – providing real-time online connection to friends and others watching the same program. TV fans can interact and discuss in real-time the shows they are watching together via Facebook and Twitter without ever leaving the remote. All social and interactive features happen directly on the mobile device to ensure the viewing experience is enhanced instead of compromised.

iPhone users can download the app for free and pay just $9.99, including shipping and handling, for Ryz Media's cool new hardware that turns your phone into an easy to use remote within seconds. Now with MyTVRemote, users can control every AV device in the home with a simple smartphone app that costs a fraction of the cost of current clunky, plastic remotes on the market.

MyTVRemote supports the iPad and all generations of iPhone devices and iPod Touch media players. To download it, go to the US App Store and search for either "MyTVRemote" or for "RYZ Media" or follow this link:

Hi-Res images of the new, colorful accessories can be downloaded here: A video demo of the MyTVRemote app can be accessed here:

About Ryz Media

Ryz Media connects the TV with mobile devices to provide a richer TV watching experience. MyTVRemote enables smartphones and tablets to become an integral part of the modern home entertainment experience.

MyTVRemote app and hardware supports all generations of iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad devices. The application is free to download and installs directly from the App Store. To download it, go to the US App Store and search for either "MyTVRemote" or for "RYZ Media" or follow this link: