MythTV comparison against Windows MCE

As a man in the market for a Media Centre PC of some sort, the obvious option (and the one you see most often in the shops) is Microsoft's XP MCE variant.  I'm a complete ignoramus when it comes to Linux, the closest I've ever come is a Knoppix LiveCD. 

The boffins at Tom's Hardware have set their shoulders to changing my mind - as well as the minds of other Linux newbies - with their latest article on probably the best known MCE alternative: MythTV.  Boasting a modular build far in excess of Windows MCE's relatively basic plug-ins, MythTV can go from being a basic "record Days of our Lives" VCR-replacement to a multi-room serving, live-TV pausing, VOIP managing HTPC monster.  It's also far less spec-hungry than MCE, albeit in its more basic forms.

Will I be changing my mind?  I'll certainly be giving it some real consideration, especially as it hits that ever-pleasing price point of free!

Tom's Hardware [via Slashdot]