Mystery Solved – Apple to announce mobile WoW for iPhone and iPod Touch at London Event

Chris Scott Barr - Sep 14, 2007

You know that Apple event that was recently announced in London for next week? The super sleuths over at Macenstein have been working relentlessly on uncovering the mysteries of Apple’s invitation. Their results may shock you. “Lord, now the Grum is on me.”

What am I talking about? Isn’t it obvious? That’s an anagram of Apple’s message “Mum is no longer the word.” They are obviously referring to a dwarf named Grum Redbeard located in Starfall Village in Winterspring. If you need it spelled out for you, they’re going to announce World of Warcraft for both the iPhone and iPod Touch.

At this point, you’re still a bit confused, but that’s ok. You probably think that London is a strange place to make this kind of announcement, since a good portion of the WoW players are located right here in the US. We don’t need any clever word games to solve this riddle. Blizzard Entertainment is owned by Vivendi, and we all know that Vivendi is a French company. London houses the closest stand-alone Apple store which makes it the perfect place to make such an announcement.

Steve Jobs thinks he’s so smart with his fancy phone and black turtlenecks, but we’re on to him. I bet by this time next month we’ll all be traveling the world of Azeroth on our new iPods and iPhones.

UK Apple announcement hints at World of Warcraft iPhone/iPod touch edition [via macenstein]

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