Mysterious team resurrects Grooveshark

If all the streaming options and other ways to legally get music online aren't to your tastes, there's a decent chance Grooveshark's demise was a disappointing blow to your music acquisition habits. Less than week later, however, the service is back and it's thanks to a mysterious group that has surfaced to talk about their exploits. As it turns out, when the writing was on the wall some folks behind the scenes at Grooveshark started making backup plans in case things went south.

Grooveshark went down five or so days ago, but now it has reappeared and about 90-percent of its content is back with it, with the other 10-percent reportedly being on the way. Info about it surfaced via a person who calls himself Shark; he spoke to the folks over at BGR.

Shark is said to be connected to Grooveshark in some way. He said in an email, "Well, I started backing up all the content on the website when I started suspecting that Grooveshark's demise is close and my suspicion was confirmed a few days later when they closed. By the time they closed I have already backed up 90% of the content on the site and I'm now working on getting the remaining 10%."

There's an entire team behind the new website, and they're hoping to resurrect it fully to its original state; they're also ready for a battle, saying, "We have all the servers/domains infrastructure in place, it's going to be a roller coaster and we're ready for it." You can find the new site at