Mysterious Fujitsu LifeBook Tablet PC on show in Germany

Fujitsu sneakily put out an as-yet unannounced Tablet PC during a customer presentation in Germany last week, and an eagle-eyed spotter grabbed what scant details were on offer.  Using Fujitsu's LifeBook brand, the convertible notebook has a passive touchscreen display (e.g. you can use your finger rather than a specific stylus) measuring 13.3-inches.  It also uses Intel's latest Core 2 Duo P8400, a chipset both super-compact and energy efficient.

Other than that, very little is known.  The unit appears to be locked down in some sort of docking station, which would tally with Fujitsu's confirmation that a range of matching accessories will be available.  However there's no suggestion of which market the notebook is intended for, whether it will supplement or replace existing Fujitsu Tablet PCs, or what sort of price it will carry.

It's possible that this new LifeBook could replace the existing Fujitsu T2010, which was praised at its launch in September last year for its bright, LED-backlit screen and long battery life.  However the relatively slow Core 2 Duo processor and absence of an optical drive have seen it pale against newer rivals.

[via Engadget]