Myspace shows off incoming redesign in new video

We don't hear much from Myspace these days, what with Facebook and Twitter being the go-to social platforms for most of the world. The folks behind Myspace are looking to change that with an upcoming redesign. Of course, Myspace has gone through multiple redesigns in the past, but this new one is particularly eye-catching, and you can get your first look at it in a preview video posted after the jump.

Right off the bat, it's obvious that the new Myspace is going to be quite the departure from the Myspace we're used to. The focus on music and entertainment remains in tact, but user profiles are getting completely overhauled. What surprises us the most is how beautiful everything looks, especially when Myspace is coming from a layout that can't exactly be described as "gorgeous."

Looking at the video below, it seems that Myspace designers have drawn inspiration from the likes of Pinterest and Microsoft's Metro UI. Everything comes together to form a really sleek look, and call us crazy, but this redesign may just do something to bring users back to the service, which has been suffering at the hands of Facebook for years now. Speaking of Facebook, it seems that the new Myspace will sport Facebook and Twitter integration to some degree. It also adds things like a dedicated music player and a persistent navigation bar, so yeah, this is going to be a pretty massive redesign.

No word yet on when this new redesign will land, but those who are interested in this redesign can leave their email address to "request an invite." It's unclear whether that invite will be for a beta or the full blown launch of the new Myspace, but we're tempted to think it's the latter. What do you think of this new Myspace design? Is it enough to get you to return to the social network?

[via The Next Web]