Myriad Alien Vue puts Android apps on regular TVs

Myriad, the company behind the Alien Dalvik runtime that allows native Android apps to run on iOS and other platforms, has launched Myriad Alien Vue, intended to put apps on TVs and set-top boxes. Compatible with existing sets and STBs, rather than demanding a new smart TV box, Alien Vue comes with an app store and support for features like multi-screen playback and cross-platform TV/smartphone/tablet viewing.

Initially there's support for Android apps intended for Google TV, which itself was recently updated to Android 3.1 and began offering Android Market access. There's also HTML5 app compatibility, with apps including YouTube, Netflix and Twitter. As with the other Alien Dalvik implementations, part of the magic is that apps require no modification, despite not actually running on an Android-based device.

Meanwhile, tablets and smartphones can then be used as remote controls and portable interfaces for what's going on on-screen, as in the video demo below.

Myriad Group is targeting service providers who are concerned that Apple and Google's smart TV strategies could bite into their existing business; rather than selling to individual customers, it's likely to be rebranded by cable and other providers. More information is promised for CES 2012 next month.