myFC JAQ is a small fuel cell charger that slips into a purse

Keeping your gadgets charged up and working when you are away from an outlet is a challenge. There are plenty of small battery packs out there that can do the job, but they have to be plugged in themselves. That means that you can only use them for a day or so before they need to be recharged. Fuel cell chargers are different with the ability to charge your gadgets as long as you have fuel for the cell.

myFC has a new and very small fuel cell charger called the JAQ that is designed to be small enough to carry in a purse or bag. In fact, the company claims that the device is the smallest fuel cell charger in the world. The JAQ is about the size and shape of a smartphone and is fueled by thin cards called PowerCards that are loaded with some mixture of salt and water.

Previous fuel cell chargers from myFC used sodium silicide as the salt but it's not clear if that is the same thing the JAQ uses. The fuel cell produces hydrogen, which is then made into electricity to charge your gadgets.

Each of the cards produces 1,800 mAh of power and are single use items designed to be recycled after use. The big launch of the JAQ will happen soon and apparently a monthly service plan to keep the PowerCards coming is required. A 24-month plan is $5.35 per month and it's unclear just how many cards you get for that price.