my Xperia service slated for initial launch this week, promises to protect your phone

Brittany A. Roston - Feb 1, 2013
my Xperia service slated for initial launch this week, promises to protect your phone

Sony has confirmed my Xperia, a service that promises to help locate lost handsets and protect the files contained on them via a couple different options. The security service – which will be launched in beta – will be rolled out in phases, starting with the Nordics. In the second quarter of the year, my Xperia will then be released for Sony smartphone owners globally.

The service will work similar to third-party phone locating/wiping services that are available for smartphone owners. Users will be able to use it by turning on the service’s app on their phone, then signing in with their Google ID to the my Xperia website. From the account, a user can then see where their smartphone is on a map, such as at the gym where it was forgotten.

If the phone has been forgotten in a location where it isn’t at risk of theft, the user can send an alert to the phone via the service that will cause its display to turn on and it to make noise regardless of its volume status. Likewise, a message can be sent remotely to the phone that has information on how to contact the owner so that it can be returned.

Of course, sometimes you haven’t lost access to your phone because it was misplaced, but rather because someone swiped it while you weren’t paying attention. In this case, my Xperia can be used to wipe both the smartphone’s internal memory and its SD card if one is present, eliminating the risk of the data – whether it is unflattering pictures or sensitive business files – getting into the wrong hands.

Not everyone will be able to take part in the initial launch; those lucky few who can will find out via a notification. The service will first be available to those using handsets running Android Ice Cream Sandwich, with the Xperia Acro S being first in line. More devices will be added “over the coming weeks.”

[via Android Community]

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